Who killed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch Lala Munir and Sher Mohd Baloch?

اپریل 28, 2009

I was Watching Brahmdagh Bugti Interview with Talat in Aaj TV,  where Talat was saying that he was killed by some people who disputed with him over the ransome money for John Solecki’s release. No one has been arrested yet? Kachkol’s statement is full of doubts and misleading.Here are some excerpt taken from Dawn.com.

Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, who was a member of the committee constituted by Hyrbyar Marri to ascertain the identities of Balochistan’s missing persons as well as to negotiate the release of UNHCR’s Quetta director John Solecki. Ghulam Baloch was abducted from the advocate’s chamber on April 3 and Solecki was released the very next morning.

‘Only two days before Ghulam was taken away from Advocate Ali’s chamber, a United Nations committee had met Khair Bux Marri. On that same day, Ghulam Baloch spoke to the press and said the committee was making headway in its attempts to secure Solecki’s release.’
‘It is possible that Ghulam Baloch was deeply involved in some of the investigations regarding the missing and had uncovered something crucial.… Maybe that is why he and his colleagues were killed,’ Ghulam’s cousin suggests.
Please comment..! Who were the killers? Why they killed him and what was the purpose of their killing??
Majeed Baluch
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