Ghulam Mohammad Baloch’s last speech

اپریل 25, 2009

Here is the transcription of his last publically spoken words/interviews aired Live on ARY OneWorld on April 1, 2009. Interview of Baloch leader Ghulam Mohammad Baloch Central Secretary General of Baloch National Movement (BNM) On ARY OneWorld April 1, 2009

I am Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Central Secretary General of BNM, what has been discussed today in UNO’s delegation and Committee of Friends of Baloch nation, we held talks in pleasant manner, we are making joint efforts, the Baloch Committee and UNO for the release of John Solecki. Once again we appeal to John Solecki that on humanitarian grounds he be released. And we believe that government of Pakistan is creating problems, making issue more complex and trying to sabotage efforts of UNO, US and friends of Baloch Commmittee, President of Pakistan says that his government is making efforts for releasing the missing people while his Interior Minister Rehman Malik says that these people have left the country and are not inside Pakistan. If these torture cells and detention centers are located in foreign then the Interior Minister himself should take some time and go visiting these places. We are surprised that they control airport, immigration, if somebody travel by sea or air or via ground route, they are the one who control land, space and sky. Pakistan government controls all entry and exit points of the country, if it still complains that it does not know about the missing Baloch people, who may have left the country that means Pakistani government is lying and betraying to the world community including UNO and United States. With regard to release of UNHCR official, we are just making appeals behalf o Baloch nation and Baloch Committee to his abductors to release him. And as you know Mr. Solecki’s mother and wife, and even UNO all have also made an appeal for his release. Because the whole idea behind this move (Kidnapping) was to apprise West, UNO and human rights organization groups about the victimization of Baloch people, their missing people, to bring all these issues to UNO’s notice. We do not know what this delegation would do with regard to raising our issue in UNO, they know better their procedure, what we believe is that it is the responsibility of UNO to resolve the conflicts between the nations, we expect and appeal to them address the Baloch national issues, the issue of Balochistan’s freedom. And that Pakistan, on its military might is committing genocide in Balochistan, and on the basis of state terrorism is denying Baloch their rights and crushing the Baloch nationalist movement. These all steps of government of Pakistan are in violation of human rights, violation of Geneva convention, and when a state violates all international agreements and covenants then it becomes responsibility of international institutions like UNO to hold accountable to such states of a violation, a help Baloch to restore their independent position of March 27 1948 when it was invaded by Pakistan, we want to restore the our nationhood, our struggle is for that goal. We believe the issue is being dragged by Pakistani state and its army but Baloch nation understands the pros and cons of such policies, they know what is in their interest and what not, we believe that the appeal that we are making to them (UNO and international community) we hope they will consider it. In a meeting with UN delegation, Khair Bux Marri apprised them of genocide of Baloch people, atrocities being committed against them, the overall issue of Baloch nation that we are struggling for, because the Pakistani state is using banned weapons against Baloch people, the chemical weapons, and we are being bombed. State is conspiring to displace Baloch from their land, he mentioned all these facts to the delegation. And repeated the restoration of our original free state is our natural right and UN under its charter is obliged to act for defending right of Baloch. Regarding missing persons BLUF has provided list which contains one thousand and nine names (1009) but we believe the actual list is around eight thousand missing people because I myself remained in their custody for eleven months, in their torture cells, from December 3, 2006 to September 20, 2007, they handed over to police and I saw with my own eyes the torture cells, military cantonments, whatever I saw, and they (army officers) kept telling us, Kashmoor, Sui and Jecobabad they have established fences like Nazis and Hitler had established, where in open ground Baloch were kept, more than eight thousand people are detained in these fences and these folks are tolerating these severe punishments. We expected that, despite actual figure, government may release the list of 1009 people given to them, but contrary to our expectation, after this demand came on surface, agencies picked up more people like Dr. Bashir Azeem, Secretary General of BRP, Jalil who is an information secretary of BRP, he has been picked up, BSO organizer Shahzeb has been picked up and gone missing, Feroze Baloch, member central committee of Baloch National Movement (BNM) was picked up and paralyzed due to torture, police raided my house, and picked up my brother and they kept him hanging for 72 hours, these actions continue till today. We believe these committees formed by successive government produce nothing, they are dismantled by themselves without making progress, President Zardari says that his government would formulate a mechanism to find out missing persons while the interior Minister Malik Rehman claims that there is no one missing person, all have gone out of country, IG FC Saleem Nawaz speaks a different language, which keeps coming on media, you might have listened that, you we do not have any hopes and expectations from the government, we have left our issue now to UN, it is now responsibility of UN to defend a slave and subjugated nation under its charter. Of John Solecki’s release we believe that Baloch people are caring, they have strong feelings for human concerns, we expect and appeal that some positive outcome would come. ——————————————————————– Munir Mengal’s letter to the PM with details of the events leading up to the killings: ——————————————————————— From: Munir Mengal < mengal_11@ yahoo.com > Subject: PAKISTAN: Three political activists are found murdered after daylight abduction To: webmaster@ infopak.gov.pk Date: Thursday, April 9, 2009, 8:53 PM Dear Mr. Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani, PAKISTAN: Three political activists are found murdered after daylight abduction Name of victims: 1. Mr. Ghulam Mohammad, 45, Chairman of the Baloch National Movement 2. Mr. Sher Mohammad Baloch, 35, Vice President of Balochistan Republican Party 3. Mr. Lala Munir Baloch, 50, General Secretary of the Baloch National Front Date of the Incident: 3 April, 2009 I am shocked and disturbed to hear of the abduction and murder of three political activists in Balochistan, allegedly by military or paramilitary forces. I am also concerned at the way the efforts of the men’s lawyers and friends were hampered by police and the judiciary, and by the lack of effort made to rescue of the men. I hear that the local police force is currently illegally pressuring Baloch civilians not to protest the murders in public. According to those dealing with the case, Mr. Ghulam Mohammad, 45, Chairman of the Baloch National Movement, Mr. Sher Mohammad Baloch, 35, Vice President of Balochistan Republican Party and Mr. Lala Munir Baloch, 50, General Secretary of Baloch National Front, had attended a Session Court in Turbat district, Balochistan province on 3 April to arrange interim bail, relating to charges in shooting and bomblast cases last year.. After being granted bail the men were accompanied by their lawyer, Mr. Kachkol Ali to his chamber at around noon. Ali is a former opposition leader in the Balochistan assembly. According to the lawyer, more than a dozen persons in civilian dress then entered the office, ransacked it and abducted the men, driving away in four vehicles which bore no registration numbers. The attackers refused to identify themselves, or to tell Ali where his clients were being taken. Ali immediately filed an application at the Turbat Police Station accusing military intelligence (M.I.) and Inter services Intelligence (I.S.I) persons of the abduction. The application mentioned his fear that the men would be tortured and killed by the military. However police refused to file a first information report (FIR), the basic document for police investigation; they said that they would consult their superiors in the police force. Kachkol Ali then filed an application of Habeas Corpus for the three activists under section 491 CRPC. However the Judge of the Turbat session court, Mr. Pazeer Ahmed Baloch, refused to accept it, claiming it did not come under his jurisdiction, and told them to file in the Balochistan High Court. The lawyers, which included Mr. Fida Hussain, the president of Turbat Bar Association, then sent an application for Sou Moto to Mr Iftekhar Choudhry, the chief justice of Pakistan’s Supreme Court. According to the lawyers, the three men’s bodies were found five days later on 8 April in Pidrak, 35 km from the place of arrest. They were almost unrecognizable due to the chemically-aided decomposition, but medical officers have concluded that the men were killed on the day of their arrest, and possibly thrown from a high place, such as a helicopter. According to sources Chief Justice Balochistan Sanaullah Yaseen of the Balochistan High Court has just taken the case, suo moto. I call on you to support this motion by launching an immediate investigation into the murder of these three men, and the violation of their rights to life, to arbitrary detention and to free speech. The failure of the men’s lawyers and friend’s to solicit help from the police or the legal system shows a malfunction in the complaint-receiving mechanism in Turbat district, Balochistan province, which must be immediately addressed. The difficulties experienced by the lawyers, and the political activism of the victims also points to a government-sponsored abduction and murder, which must be given serious attention. In order to safeguard the political freedom and right to safety of those in Balochistan, the collusion between the police and illegal operations by military agencies in Balochistan warrants very close and public scrutiny. Yours sincerely, Munir Mengal France ——————————————————————————- Also, please read Shaheryar’s article, especially the quotes from the most pro-federation Baloch leaders like Akhtar Maingal and Mir Hasil Bezinjo. Shaheryar has also transcribed the statement of their lawyer Ali Kachkol which he heard on BBC Urdu. It is horrifying: “Speaking to BBC Mr Kachkol said “All 3 of them were sitting in my office because I was their lawyer and had just secured their bail when agency people stormed my office. They came in cars which they parked outside of my office. They had ropes in their hands; they tied those leaders like animals and took them away. I told them that you can’t arrest them like that because they are on bail. But they asked me to keep my mouth shut. BBC: Did you saw them? Yea I saw them, they were in my office, and they were so relaxed one of them polished his shoe there. They also arrested one fellow lawyer of mine but later released him when he told them that he was a lawyer Responded the lawyer. BBC: Did you inform the authorities? Yes I went to the police station and gave a written application to authorities to launch FIR against the Chiefs of ISI, IB and MI , but the police refused to note my FIR. I wrote to higher courts but none took any action. Mr Ali responded. BBC: Balochistan high court took notice of the killing today. Yes they took notice when they have been murdered. If they would have taken notice earlier their lives could have been spared.” Ali Kachkol advocate.”

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