اپریل 27, 2009

Short Introduction

Ghulam Mohammed Baloch was a Baloch nationalist politician. At the time of his death, he was serving as the president of the Baloch National Movement, as well as the General Secretary of the newly formed Baloch National Front. He had earlier served as a chairman of the Baloch Students Organization. His dead body was discovered on the 9th of April 2009, five days after being detained by Pakistani intelligence agencies. (See Turbat killings). The killing lead to riots around Balochistan[1]. He had been detained several times in the past by Pakistani intelligence activities due to his political activities [2] [3]. He had also played an important role in securing the release of abducted American UNHCR official John Solecki just days before his death [4].

Ghulam Mohammed Baloch and his Background

Ghulam Mohammed Baloch is the president of Baloch National Movement (BNM). I don’t want to go in deep about where Chairman Ghulam Mohammed Baloch was born, grew up and how he got educated. The reason is because we know how our lives in Balochistan are going on. It is really terrible, injustice, and many ignorance since the creation of Pakistan in 1948. More or less I should mention that Ghulam Mohammed Baloch was the most active member of Baloch Student Organization in 80’s and because of his hard work he became the Chairman of Baloch Student Organization in the same decade. His efforts never stopped toward serving Baloch nation the way or the other. He is one of the best orators; his speeches are well accepted by the nation, because he always makes things balance. He says and does accordingly. Words and actions should be balanced, (Nelson Mandela 2000). He is a good writer too, he writes in the way that makes readers to read his writings and articles several times. He writes poems too in Balochi language.

Ghulam Mohammed and its Leadership

Are leaders born or made? There has been a big debate upon the raised query. People have argued time after time to know whether leaders are born or made. Let us ask ourselves by saying; have we ever met a leader who wasn’t born? Bruce J. Avolio (1999) argued that, if you believe that leadership is something you are born with, then your expectation about yourself and others is that leadership is relatively fixed at birth in the form of "natural leaders”. However, leaders are not born but made. Who and how they are made? It has been acknowledged that people create different situations and under such situations leaders come out.These are called situational leadership. If Gandi was not insulted in the train in South Africa he would not become a leader at first place. So do many others who come under the same category, like, Churchill, Napoleon, and Hitler. Because, their personality, ability, or knowledge were suited with the situation.Ghulam Mohammed Baloch is one of those leaders who creates situation for good and if any bad situation occurs he reacts upon that. He never sits idle. He has created many good situations in Baloch’s society, like giving understanding to his nation the value of motherland. He usually tells the youngsters how to serve the nation and how to give her freedom. He always advises the nation to get together. If situation that was seen where the nation was not in safe. He practically gets involved in the situation. He is not only a theoretical leader but practical as well. All his politics was based on fact and in scientific way. In the 21st century, leaders must create an atmosphere in which people believe in strategy (Financial Times Prentice Hall 2000). Today, leadership is increasingly associated not with command and control but with the concept of inspiration, of getting along with other people and creating a vision with which others can identify.This indicates that Ghulam Mohammed always getting to people and to other Baloch leaders to discusses upon the issues and problems of Balochistan. He listens to everyone he never afraid of discussing about Balochistan’s issue to the world. He told everyone for what happening in Balochistan and how people are treated by Pakistani forces. He never hides the truth and reality of Pakistan and its negative attitude toward Baloch nation. People always ask whether leadership is an art or a science. It can be both. Ghulam Mohammed has the both qualities. Ghulam Mohammed Baloch is one of those leaders who is thirsty, hungry and dying for the freedom of Balochistan. He is thirsty and hungry the way Nelson Mandela was for the freedom of South Africa.

Parliamentary Politics and Ghulam Mohammed

The parliamentary politics was begun after assassinating, Fida Ahmed Baloch in 2nd May 1988, the founder of Baloch National Youth Movement (BNYM). After that the same political organization was formed from BNYM to BNM led by Dr. Abdul Hayee Baloch. Ghulam Mohammed Baloch was the vice president of BNM. However, he did not believe in such politics. Therefore, he became inactive and did not play any vital roles. He did not believe in empty promises which were only the reason he did not play any roles. On the other hand the members of CC of BNM were keeping promising to nation and the result was always unsatisfactory. Gulam Mohammed Baloch did not like all these and tried advising his comrades that this is not the right path and politics that we are doing. We should stop continuing parliamentary politics as we are not achieving any thing. His comrades did not listen to him. The way the parliamentary politics is going in Balochistan it reminds me that; ‘If you wish to be a success in the world, promise everything, deliver nothing’, a phrase after Napoleon Bonaparte who ended up in an exile and eventual death on a lonely island in the mid-Atlantic.

Eventually, Napoleon got it wrong. If you want to be success in the world you must deliver that you promise. This is what exactly Ghulam Mohammed Baloch was carrying on, promising and delivering. Some Baloch of Parliamentary politicians still believe that they can get independence through Parliamentary politics. They always give examples of India, South Africa, Indonesia, Libya and other countries. I think they are completely wrong, because the dilemma of Balochistan is different from those countries. We should know where we are and where we want to go and how.

Baloch Youth Movement and Ghulam Mohammed

Ghulam Mohammed Baloch was not limited. His support and struggle was always seen practically to promote Baloch Youth Movement who is engaged serving the nation in different ways. He believes that Youths can always make better roles, so he made himself closer to them. Baloch Youth Movement was
always targeted by the state. Thousands of Baloch Youths were arrested by the government without any reasons. Many of them are still missing. Under such circumstances he always stood hand by hand with them. He never relaxed when he saw innocent Baloch Youths were arrested without any charges. His reaction was always there for the support by agitating and appointing legal representatives (lawyers) for their release.

Baloch Student Organization and Ghulam Mohammed

On 26th November 1967 Baloch Student Organization was formed in Karachi. Different personalities played different roles on those days. Ghulam Mohammed Baloch was an active member and then became the Chairman of BSO in 80’s. He knows very well the role of BSO and how students were suffering in different ways by enemies. He played a vital role when some students were arrested by Pakistani ISI in Karachi.
They were Dr. Alla Nizar, Dr. Imdad and some others. Ghulam Mohammed Baloch stood like a great shadow struggling for their release. At the end he succeeded.

Mir Ghous Bakhsh Bizanjo vs. Ghulam Mohammed Baloch

Mir Ghous Bakhsh Bizanjo one of those leaders who played unforgettable role in his life for the sake of Baloch nation, but he could not been successful due to playing right politics in the improper place and with improper people. Parliamentary politics was not successful in his time too, so does now. We still can hear his forceful speech when he gave it on 14th December 1947 rejecting the proposal of being a part of Pakistan in the assembly, he told the house; ‘ ….. We have a distinct civilization. We have a separate culture like that of Iran and Afghanistan. We are Muslims but it is not necessary that by virtue of our being Muslims we should lose our freedom and merge with others. If the mere fact that we are Muslims requires us to join Pakistan then Afghanistan and Iran, both Muslims countries, should also amalgamate with

Pakistan. The British conquered Asia through the force of the sword. They also subjugated the Baloch homeland. We never accepted their authority. We resisted their rule but being oppressive and cruel they deprived us of our freedom. We were a separate entity. We were never part of India before the British over lordship….Pakistan’s unpleasant and loathsome desire that our national homeland Balochistan should merge with it, is impossible to concede. It is unimaginable to agree to such demand. It is no secret that before creation of Pakistan, our Khan had patronized the Muslim League. Our homes, Bungalows and transport were at their disposal. Under the Khan’s guidance many Baloch helped the League through every possible means. What was our attitude towards Pakistan and what is its behavior towards us …? We are ready to have friendship with that country on the basis of sovereign quality but no means ready to merge with Pakistan. We cannot humiliate the Baloch nation and amalgamate it with others. How can we sign the national death warrant of fifteen million, Asian Baloch? That is inconceivable. That is impossible. We cannot be a party to such a grave mistake. We cannot commit such a great crime. We are told that we Baloch cannot defend ourselves in the atomic age. Well, are Afghanistan, Iran and even Pakistan capable of defending themselves? Today, if Russia and America so desire, they can wipe out many such states from the world map. If we cannot defend ourselves, a lot of others cannot do so either. As regards the
question of statehood, let me emphasize that no Asian country including
Pakistan fulfils the criteria of a modern state in true sense. They say we must join Pakistan for economic reasons. That is also absurd. We may not have a hard currency but we have numerous means of income. We have minerals, we have petroleum, and we have ports. We should not be made slaves on the pretext of economic viability. We can survive without Pakistan. We can remain without Pakistan. We can prosper outside Pakistan. But the question is what Pakistan would be without us? I do not propose to create hurdles for the newly created Pakistan in matters of defense and external communication. But we want an honorable relationship, not a humiliating one. If Pakistan wants to treat us as sovereign people we are ready to extend the hand of friendship and cooperation. If Pakistan does not agree to do so, flying in the face of democratic principle, such an attitude will be totally unacceptable to us, and if we are forced to accept this fate then every Baloch son will sacrifice his life in defense of his national freedom.

Ghulam Mohammed Baloch faced the same situation when the merger of BNM and BNDP took places. He knew that such merger will make Pakistan stronger. As a result Ghulam Mohammed did not let BNM to die.
He made a big U turn. He started going on non parliamentary politics the way Fida Ahmed wished for. What Mir Ghous Bakhsh Bizanjo wanted to come true for what he said in 1947, Ghulam Mohammed made it true by giving sacrifices with those Youths Baloch and many elders as well.

Ghulam Mohammed Baloch and the World Media

Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscious, above all liberties (Jean Folkerts and Dwight L 1998). The power of truth cannot be weaken, despite having no media where Baloch nation could raise its voice. In this regard Ghulam Mohammed Baloch did not hide himself to highlight the issues of Baloch nation. He tried his every effort to approach to the world media. In many extents he has been successful to tell the world by radio, Indian TV channel, websites and daily newspapers. In the current global village in which we all live in, the national movement cannot be run without the support of World Media. On the other hand, we see the all the world has become electronic. Therefore, electronic media is playing a good role for the sake of Baloch nation. Ghulam Mohammed Baloch has shown his effort bravely to the world.

Ghulam Mohammed Baloch and Free Balochistan

"We call the people of South Africa black and white – let us speak together Freedom! – let the voices of all the people be heard and let the demands of all the people for the things that will make us free be recorded.
Let the demands be gathered together in a great charter of Freedom” (Nelson Mandela 2000). Free Balochistan is the demand of Baloch nation; this is what Ghulam Mohammed wants and working for.
Baloch nation is not asking something which is not belong to them. They claim that Balochistan is for Baloch nation. This is the fact which cannot be denied. If you don’t work for freedom it will never come to knock your door. Waiting for freedom is meaningless. "I waited and waited, until the country should develop the non-violent strength necessary to throw off the foreign yoke. But my attitude has now undergone a change. I feel that I cannot afford to wait. If I continue to wait, I might have to wait till doomsday. For the preparation that I have prayed for and worked for May never come, and in the meantime I may be enveloped and overwhelmed by the flames that threaten all of us. That is why I have decided that even at certain risks
which are obviously involved I must ask the people to resist the slavery”. I want freedom immediately, this very night, before dawn, if it could be had. Freedom cannot wait for the realization of communal harmony …congress must win freedom or be wiped out in the effort (Yougesh Chanda 1997). Such facts on the earth cannot be removed and vanished. Free Balochistan is another fact people must recognize it.

Free Balochistan, New Balochistan

Free Balochistan is the dream of every Baloch’s son and Ghulam Mohammed is one of them. He is dying for it from the day one. Many Baloch have questions in their minds that how the new Balochistan looks like.How Ghulam Mohammed wants to see his new birth country? The vision of any leaders will always be different. Ghulam Mohammed Baloch wants a new Balochistan which should be a full of justice, co operations, love among people, honesty, hard working, and respect each other. Martin Luther King had the same dream that how America should be. Martin Luther has given a remarkable speech in 1963 under title "I have a dream”. He said; I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today. I have a dream that one day the state of Alabama, whose governor’s lips are presently dripping with the words of interposition and nullification, will be transformed into a situation where little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls and walk together as sisters and brothers. I have a dream today. I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together. This is our hope. This is the faith with which I return to the South. With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. With this hope we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for Freedom together, knowing that we will be free one day. This will be the day when all of God’s children will be able to sing with new meaning "My country "this of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing.
Land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrim’s pride, from every mountainside, let freedom ring. And if
America is to be a great nation this must become true. So let freedom ring from the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire! Let freedom ring from the mighty mountains of New York! Let freedom ring from the
heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania! Let freedom ring from the snowcapped Rockies of Colorado! Let freedom ring from every hill and mole hill of Mississippi. From every mountainside, let freedom ring.

Ghulam Mohammed Baloch wants all his Baloch children walks hand by hand ignoring the colour of skins. He has worked for doing so by uniting the entire nation in Karachi and other parts of Balochistan. He wishes that all Baloch children to sing "Ma Choken Balochani, Ma Choken Balochani”.

Voice of Ghulam Mohammed Baloch

Today the voice of Ghulam Mohammed Baloch is heard by everyone. This is the voice of justice, truth, equality and fairness, voice of death of baloch children in Kohalu, Bugti and Kahan, voice of baloch youth movement who are in Pakistani jails, voice of Baloch mothers who lost their valuable sons for the sake of Balochistan, and this is the voice of all Baloch nation and Balochistan, no matter where they live and how they see Balochistan.

Ghulam Mohammed Baloch in the eyes of people

I have interviewed around 70 people to know their opinions about Ghulam Mohammed Baloch with different questions. Their responds were as shown bellow charts.

Figure: 1.1 (Ghulam Mohammed Baloch as a Leader)

The above (figure 1.1) shows that Ghulam Mohammed Baloch as a leader he is 100% Brave, and Honest.95% he is Knowledgeable and 98% he is straight forward.

Figure 1.2 (BNM’s Relation with other Baloch Parties)

The (figure 1.2) shows that BNM’s relation as Baloch political party was very good especially with  BSO and BRP. BNM’s believes that these are the true Baloch parties working for the sake of Baloch nation. However, NP and BNP-Awami are completely not working for the sake of Baloch nation but they are always double faces.

Arrest of Ghulam Mohammed Baloch

Lastly, but not the end that Ghulam Mohammed Baloch was arrested by Pakistani Forces in Karachi with Sher Mohammed Baloch who were planning a meeting in kalari, where the Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Daud, former provincial minister, Sardar Sanaulla Zehri and many others ought to attend.

Will this be the end of Ghulam Mohammed Baloch and BNM? Will the nation keep silent? Will the Media stop supporting Baloch nation? I strongly believe this will not be the end but will be a new page for the struggle. The message of Ghulam Mohammed Baloch was already reached to the baloch nation and the

Assassination of Ghulam Mohammed and its Leadership

Top Baloch leader along with two colleagues found dead in Turbate, Balochistan A leading Baloch leader who was also active getting UNHCR Quetta head John Solecki released from BLUF was picked up from his lawyer’s office few days back and last night was found dead in Turbat, Balochistan. Pakistani TV channels are reporting that province-wise angry and violent protests have started against killing three Baloch leaders. At some places office of ruling PPP have been burnt today.

Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, who was Secretary General of Baloch Nationalist Movement, which works for independence of Balochistan, last appeared on a TV channels on April first when he gave briefing to media after meeting of UN delegation with senior Baloch leader Khair Bux Marri. Several tv channels had reported his briefing live, in which he had repeated appeal to BLUF to release John Solecki on humanitarian grounds.
On April 4rth he was picked by reportedly agencies from his lawyer Kachkol Baloch’s office, who is noted politician, lawyer and former opposition leader of Balochistan assembly.
Balochistan’s Chief Minister has expressed his deep sorrow on killing of Baloch leaders.
After Nawab Akbar Bugti and Balach Marri’s murder, this killing is believed to spark new wave of protest in the
province of Balochistan and possibly could trigger protest in Baloch localities of Karachi.


Ghulam Mohammed Baloch was one of the best leaders in the world. He believes in humanism and justice.He is very straight forward. He is honest. What he could do for the nation he showed it practically and in public and now it is the duty of baloch nation where ever they are they should support him the way or the other and to continue his mission.


شہید غلام محمد بلوچ سے متعلق عوامی رائے

اپریل 30, 2009

غلام محمد بلوچ سے متعلق اپنی رائے کا اظہار کریں‌.

اُردو میں لکھنے کے لیے بام بلوچی ویب پیڈ استعمال کریں‌.


B P P Strongly Condemns the Killing of Top Baloch Political Leaders

اپریل 30, 2009

The slain bodies of three Baloch leaders namely Mr Ghulam Mohammad Baloch chairman of Baloch National Movement (BNM) and his party fellow Mr Lala Muneer Baloch and Sher Mohammad Baloch of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) were found on the outskirt of Turbat city soon after their abduction by Pakistani intelligence service, ISI, on 3rd of April 2009. The circumstances under which these political leaders have been killed following their abduction shows the barbaric and violent attitude of Pakistani establishment toward the Baloch People.
Mr Ghulam Mohammad as political leader of BNM was member of the committee which assisted the release of Mr John Solecki (Head of UNHCR in Quetta) from his kidnapers. The same committee was also due to investigate and conclude list of the Baloch men and women who have been kidnapped and are disappeared by Pakistan security forces and the army intelligence agencies in order to facilitate safe release of these Baloch activists and their return to their families.
This crime is an attempt by the perpetrators to stop release of the kidnapped and disappeared Baloch prisoners. At the same time, the aim is to weaken Baloch national struggle and deprive it from an effective political leadership.
In recent years, Pakistani military and intelligence services have followed a systematic policy of targeted killing of the Baloch political leaders. This policy has failed since Baloch struggle for freedom and democracy has popular and genuine base amongst the masses in order to achieve national sovereignty for Baloch people.
Balochistan Peoples Party strongly condemns murder of the well known Baloch political leaders. BPP also expresses its deepest sorrow and sympathy with families of Chairman Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Lala Muneer Baloch and Sher Mohammad Baloch and the entire Baloch people.

  1. We demand that the international community and United Nations to:
  2. Set up a committee to investigate this crime and to bring the perpetrators to justice.
  3. Put pressure on Pakistani authorities to stop its systematic oppression of Baloch people and its military operations in Balochistan.
  4. Facilitate immediate release of all political prisoners.
  5. Establish a special committee to mediate in the conflict between the Baloch and Pakistani government
  6. Address the demand of the Baloch people for national sovereignty.

    Balach Baloch
    Balochistan People’s Party

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    P.O.Box 13022
    103 01 Stockholm Sweden


U.S. Condemns Killing Of Baloch Nationalists

اپریل 29, 2009

ISLAMABAD: The United States has condemned the killing of three Baloch leaders in Balochistan, saying one of them had helped in the release of a kidnapped American U.N. official John Solecki.  "We condemn the recent killings of three Baloch leaders,” the U.S. embassy in Islamabad said in a statement. "One of the individuals played an active role in efforts towards the release of an American citizen and UNHCR official John Solecki.” The U.S. embassy said the role by one of the three leaders killed, Ghulam Mohammed Baloch, in efforts to secure Solecki’s released had been greatly appreciated.

"We call on Pakistani authorities to thoroughly investigate these three deaths and to bring those responsible to justice,” the embassy said.

Source: http://www.geo.tv/4-10-2009/39529.htm


مظاهرة بحق الشعب البلوشي

اپریل 29, 2009

لندن : مظاهرة حاشدة امام الخدمة العالمية للبي بي سي لندن في منطقة بيت بوش ، تدين بشدة الجريمة المبيتة بحق زعماء البلوش القوميين من جانب الوكالات الباكستانية في تربت بلوشستان

وكانت المسيرة التي نظمتها مجلس حقوق البلوش الإنسانية (المملكة المتحدة) بالتعاون مع المؤتمر السندي العالمي. و تظاهر عدد كبير من البلوش و السنديين وغيرهم من الناشطين في مجال حقوق الإنسان وشارك في التظاهرة لاظهار تعاطفهم تجاه عائلات القتلى البلوش والتعبير عن غضبهم ضد باكستان ووكالاتها.

ترأس الاجتماع الامين العام للمجلس السيد و أعطى بتفصيل كيفية إعتقال قادة البلوش الثلاثة من مكتب محاميهم على يد أفراد يرتدون ملابس مدنية يعلمون لدى الوكلات الباكسانية . وقال ان قادة البلوش تعرضوا للتعذيب بوحشية و قتلوا بدم بارد. وذكر أيضا أن هؤلاء القادة الثلاثة من البلوش وهم غلام محمد البلوشي و شير محمد البلوشي و لالا منير البلوشي كانت زعماء السياسيين وكانوا مطالبين بإستقلال بلوشستان . وقال ان لا نية في باكستان لتشكيل لجان التحقيق ونطالب باجراء تحقيق دولي في اغتيال قادة البلوش.

السيدة سورييا ماكهدوم من الكونغرس السندي صرحت ان الجيش في باكستان هو المسؤول عن القتل خارج نطاق القضاء للنواب بوجتي و بالاج ماري و شهداء تربت . وقالت غلام محمد البلوشي و لالا منير البلوشي و شير محمد البلوشي هم أبناء الوطن الذين ضحوا بحياتهم وثبت ولائهم بلوشستان و الأمة البلوشية . وقالت إن الكونغرس السيندى و الأمة السندية أخوة للبلوش في وقت الحزن. وتابعت ان السند دائما تقف إلى جانب الشعب ، وحتى تدين ما يجري في السجون من الفظائع وانتهاكات حقوق الإنسان في بلوشستان.

السيد جامشيد أميري من جبهة بلوشستان المتحدة الغربية ( تحت الإحتلال الإيراني ) : قال انه يدين بشدة القتل الوحشي لقادة البلوش على يد الوكالات الباكستانية. وقال ان باكستان ترتكب جرائم حرب في إقليم بلوشستان في باكستان والجيش يجب ان يحاكم في المحكمة الجنائية الدولية.

وقال الشعب البلوشي في إيران أيضا يعاني من نفس المصير من قبل أيدي النظام الإيراني الأصولي.

وقال نحن مع إخواننا في شرق بلوشستان ، حث الأمة البلوشية يجب أن تتحد وتشكل الكفاح المشترك من أجل استقلال بلوشستان.

واجه أكبر باركزئي اكبر رئيس مجلس حقوق الإنسان البلوشي ، صرح في الإجتماع ان الشعب البلوشي يعاني كثيراً و عانى. وقال الشعب البلوش لا يكافح من أجل الانفصال لأن الشعب البلوشي لم يختار الانضمام إلى باكستان في المقام الأول.

و ناضلت الأمة البلوشية منذ البداية ضد إحتلال وطنهم . وذكر أنه يتم دفع البلوش ضد الجدار ، والآن ليس لديهم خيار سوى القتال.

و أعطى مثال رؤية مثال يعقوب مهرنهاد البلوشي ، و قال إن الشباب يقتلون من قبل النظام الإيراني أيضا. وأبلغ الصحافة والمشاركين في المسيرة ان ه تم إعدام المئات من البلوش من قبل نظام إيران الإرهابي والكثير ما زالوا مفقودين. وأعرب عن شكره لهيئة الاذاعة البريطانية وغيرها من الصحف الصحفيين لإعطاء تغطية لهذا التجمع ، وهو كما شكر المشاركين من البلوش و الأخوة السنديين وغيرهام من الناشطين في مجال حقوق الإنسان للانضمام لمظاهرة احتجاج.

وقال الزعيم البلوشي هير بيار ماري انه يدين قتل قيادي البلوش القوميين بأقوى الكلمات. واضاف ان هؤلاء القادة ضحوا بأرواحهم من أجل حرية وطنهم. الغرض الرئيسي من هذا التجمع هو إبلاغ المجتمع الدولي فظائع ترتكبها باكستان ضد الأمة البلوشية ، وتعليقا على مطلب الحكم الذاتي في المقاطعات قال ان الشعب البلوشي لا يريد باكستان لا يريد الدستور والحكم الذاتي في المقاطعات.

البلوش بيناضلون من أجل حرية أرضهم. وينبغي أن يكون لكل دولة الحق في طلب الاستقلال وفقا لاتفاقية جنيف. كما تحدث الى هيئة الاذاعة البريطانية الأوردو و وسائل الإعلام المختلفة.

السيدة نيغار البلوشي أعربت عن تعاطفها مع عائلات القتلى. انها مثل غيرها من المتحدثين أيضا تدين الجريمة المبيتة بحق البلوش. بيد انها قالت ان الوقت قد حان أن يتحد البلوش وبدأ كفاح مشترك ضد المعتدين على الأمة البلوشية. إتحاد البلوش يمكن أن يقود النضال نحو استقلالهم .


بلوچ اڳواڻن جو قتل : گڏيل قومن جي تشويش

اپریل 29, 2009

گڏيل قومن جي اداري ٽي بلوچ اڳواڻن جي قتل تي شديد تشويش ۽ ڏک جو اظهار ڪيو آهي ۽ پاڪستاني حڪومت کي چيو آهي ته بلوچ اڳواڻن جي قتل جي تحقيق ڪرائي وڃي. هن اداري انهن جي گھر جي ڀاتين سان تعزيت جو اظهار به ڪيو آهي. اها ڳالهه خميس جو نيويارڪ ۾ گڏيل قومن جي اداري جي آفيسن ۾ سيڪريٽري جنرل بان ڪي مون جي ترجمان ميڊيا کي بريفنگ ڏيندي چئي آهي.

سيڪريٽري جنرل جي ترجمان گڏيل قومن ۾ موجود ميڊيا جي ميمبرن کي ٻڌايو ته قتل ٿيڻ وارا ٽي بلوچ اڳواڻ  هن بلوچستان قوم پرست ڪاميٽي جا ميمبر هئا جيڪي بلوچستان ۾ گم ٿيل ماڻهن جي ڪيسن جي تحقيق ۾ گڏ ڪم ڪري رهيا هئا.

هن وڌيڪ چيو ته گڏيل قومن جو ادارو پاڪستاني حڪومت کان بلوچ اڳواڻن جي قتل جي تحقيق جو مطالبو ڪري ٿو ۽ اميد ٿي ڪجي ته بلوچستان قوم پرست ڪاميٽي پنهنجو ڪم جاري رکندي.

بلوچستان ۾ بلوچستان نيشنل پارٽي جي طرفان ٽي ڏينهن هڙتال جو اعلان ڪيو ويو آهي. بي اين پي جي اڳواڻ سردار اختر مينگل ڪراچي ۾ پريس ڪانفرنس ڪندي چيو ته هاڻ هي ملڪ گھڻو وقت نٿو هلي سگھي، هن چيو ته هن عمل ۾ ته اهي قوتون شامل آهن جنهن ملڪ کي ٻن ڀاڱن ۾ ونڊيو هو.

ڪراچي ۽ بلوچستان جي مختلف علائقن ۾ احتجاج ڪيو پيو وڃي.

ياد رهي ته بلوچ نيشنل موومنٽ جي اڳواڻ غلام محمد بلوچ، لالا منير ۽ بلوچ ريپبليڪن پارٽي جي اڳواڻ شير محمد بگٽي کي ڪلهه رات تربت ۾ ماريو ويو هو. تربت جي پوليس آفيسر اياز بلوچ جو چوڻ آهي ته اڃا تائين هي واضح ناهي ته انهن کي ڪنهن ماريو آهي جڏهن ته انهن جا مڙھ گھٽ ۾ گھٽ 6 ڏينهن پراڻا آهن.


قتل سه رهبر ملی گرای بلوچ

اپریل 29, 2009

بان کی- مون، دبیر کل سازمان ملل متحد از قتل سه رهبر ملی گرای بلوچ در ایالت بلوچستان پاکستان ابراز نگرانی جدی کرده است. بان کی- مون، خواستار تحقیقات فوری دولت پاکستان در باره قتل این سه نفر شده است. یوسف رضا گیلانی، نخست وزیر پاکستان قتل غلامرضا بلوچ، لالا منیر بلوچ و شر محمد بوگتی را محکوم کرده است. پس از کشف اجساد این سه نفر در شهر تربت، واقع در بلوچستان پاکستان، روز گذشته شورش ها و تظاهراتی در چندین شهر این ایالت رخ داد.

در این تظاهرات یک مامور پلیس کشته شد و بیم آن میرود که نا آرامی های بیشتری اتفاق بیافتد. گروه های سیاسی خواستار اعتصاب عمومی در روز جمعه 10 آوریل و تعطیل کسب و کار شده اند. بنا بر اخبار واصل از کویته مرکز بلوچستان پاکستان، این اعتصاب امروز در حد گسترده ای شروع شده و مدارس و مغازه ها تعطیل هستند. تظاهرکنندگان سرویس های امنیتی پاکستان را متهم به دست داشتن در قتل این سه نفر کرده اند. قربانیان، اعضای کمیته ای بودند که اخیرا توسط دولت پاکستان برای تحقیق در باره اشخاص مفقود الاثر در ایالت بلوچستان پاکستان تشکیل شده بود. سازمان ملل متحد مقامات پاکستان را ترغیب کرده که تضمین کنند کار این کمیته ادامه خواهد یافت. کچولی علی، وکیل دادگسترای و رهبر سابق مخالفان در این ایالت می گوید اعضای یک نهاد امنیتی این سه نفر را جمعه گذشته در دفتر او در شهر تربت، بازداشت کردند. الیاس خان، خبرنگار بی بی سی در اسلام آباد می گوید شاخه نظامی اطلاعات داخلی پاکستان موسوم به اطلاعات نظامی، در دهه اخیر عمدتا مسئول ناپدید شدن شماری از فعالان سیاسی در بلوچستان معرفی شده است. بلوچستان پاکستان از مدت ها قبل صحنه شورش و نا آرامی است. در اوت 2006، در پی کشته شدن نواب اکبر بوگتی، رهبر یک قبیله بلوچ، شورش ها و اعتصاب های گسترده ای در این ایالت روی داد که به دستگیری صدها نفر انجامید. ملی گرایان بلوچ برای خودمختاری بیشتر و کنترل منابع محلی مبارزه می کنند و یک گروه شورشی مسلح بلوچ خواستار استقلال این ایالت است.


غضب عارم في بلوشستان لمقتل قادة وطنيين للشعب البلوشي

اپریل 29, 2009

كويتا : كويتا : قتل شرطي وأصيب على الأقل 12 آخرين بجروح في اطلاق النار يوم الخميس في بلوشستان التي انزلقت الى العنف بعد العثور على جثث ثلاثة من القادة الوطنيين البلوش في تربت .

الجثث المشوهة لرئيس الحركة الوطنية البلوشية الشهيد غلام محمد البلوشي (BNM) و الشهيد لالا منير البلوشي و الشهيد شير محمد البلوشي من حزب البلوش الجمهوري (BRP) تم العثور عليها في Pedarak قرب Turbat ، في وقت متأخر من مساء يوم الاربعاء.

المناضل و القائد السابق للمعارضة في تجمع بلوشستان Kachkol علي ، ، قال في مؤتمر صحافي قبل أربعة أيام ، ان الزعماء الثلاثة قد تم نقلهم سريعا من جانب مسؤولي الأمن الباكستاني من مكتبه في 3 نيسان / ابريل. و قد ذهبوا سابقاً إلى المحكمة لحضور جلسة استماع في قضية ضدهم.

الجماعات البلوشية السياسية ونقابات المحامين دعوا لاضراب عام يومي الجمعة والسبت و توقيف الطرق يوم الاحد لادانة عمليات القتل. المحامين سيقاطعون المحاكم حتى السبت. كما أعلنت الأحزاب القومية الحداد سبعة أيام في بلوشستان واجزاء اخرى من البلاد.

ونقلت قوات من الشرطة الجثث إلى تربت بعد تلقي معلومات عنهم . وقال مسؤول في الشرطة : يبدوا من هيئة الجثث انه تم قتلهم من أربعة إلى خمسة أيام .

خرج هذا اليوم النشطاء السياسيين والعمال والطلاب ومؤيدي الأحزاب القومية الى الشوارع في وقت مبكر من صباح اليوم فى مدينة كويتا Khuzdar ، و خاران، و نوشكي ، و تربت ، و مند ،و بنجكَور ، و جوادار ، Kalat ، و مستونكـَ وديرا مراد جمالى. و كما يشاهد انه تم اضراب كامل في هذه المدن .
جامعة بلوشستان وسائر المؤسسات التعليمية قد اغلقت حتى يوم السبت .

و أغلق المتظاهرين طريق سارياب وبيروري فى عاصمة الاقليم من خلال إشعال اطارات السيارات واقامة المتاريس. كما رشقوا السيارات بالحجارة وهاجموا العديد من المباني.

و تم إشعال النار في عربة للأمم المتحدة على طريق سارياب ، وحافلة من جامعة المرأة على طريق بروري وسيارة امام المستشفى المدني. طلاب من جامعة بلوشستان سدوا طريقا و أشعلوا النار في مجموعة حافلات للإدارات الحكومية.

المتظاهرين احرقوا فرعاً للبنك العسكري في هزارا كَانكَي Gangi وهاجموا بنوك أخرى على طريق سارياب . و حطموا زجاج نوافذ عدد من المباني على طريق بريوري .

أستخدم رجال الشرطة وقوات مكافحة الشغب في بلوشستان الغاز المسيل للدموع لتفريق المتظاهرين. وتم تبادل لاطلاق النار بين الشرطة والمحتجين وقعت بالقرب من سارياب ، وتم إعتقال عشرات الأشخاص .

هاجم مسلحون سيارة شرطة بقنبلة يدوية بالقرب من مدينة كويتا ، مما اسفر عن اصابة ثلاثة من رجال الشرطة. وهناك مجموعة من الناس كسر زجاج النوافذ لمكتب هيئة تنمية المياه والكهرباء في منطقة الشيخ ماندا.

و جرح رجل فى هجوم بقنبلة يدوية على منزله في كيلي بنكَول زئي Killi Bangulzai. و في كراتشي خيم الإحتقان و التوتر على المناطق التي يهيمن عليها البلوش و قام المتظاهرين بعرقلة حركة المرور ، و إطلاق النار في الهواء وأحرقوا اطارات السيارات احتجاجا على عمليات القتل .

و أدان الجرائم قادة البلوش الوطنيين الذين يقطنون في كراتشي ، ومقرها في و دعوا إلى الإضراب في جميع المناطق المأهولة بالبلوش في كراتشي في 10 نيسان / ابريل و 11 ، و إضراب في الطرق في 12 نيسان / ابريل.

قال زعيم الحزب الوطني – مينكَل ( BNM-M) سردار أكتر مينكـَل في مؤتمر صحفى ان وكالات الاستخبارات هي المسؤولة عن القتل.

في كوزدار ، قتل احمد خان زيهري بالرصاص المدنية اثناء توجهه الى مركز للشرطة.

وقعت اشتباكات بين المحتجين والشرطة في أنحاء مختلفة من المدينة و ذكرت التقارير أنه أصيب شخصان في تبادل لاطلاق النار.

وقال قال وحيد شهواني وهو من سكان كوزدار انه وقع انفجار هز المدينة. الادارة استدعت قوات حرس الحدود. ‘ا وقد تم نشر القوات في المباني والأماكن الهامة .

وسد المتظاهرون الطرق السريعة التي تربط بين كراتشي وكويتا مع نقاط مختلفة في منطقة خوزدار ، و تم وقف حركة المرور بين السند وبلوشستان. وقتل طبيب بالرصاص في منطقة كَازي في مستونكَ.

في منطقة مند ، قام مجموعة من المتظاهرين بالهجوم على مركز للشرطة بالنار بعد ان نهبوا العديد من فروع البنوك كما اضرمت النيران في السيارات ورشقوا السيارات بالحجارة. و نشرت قوات الأمن عناصرها في المدينة .

في Panjgur بنجكَور ، هاجم حشد مكاتب حزب الشعب الباكستاني والحزب الوطني لبلوشستان أ ، و والمباني الحكومية. و تم تدمير مكتب ال PPP .

وقام المتظاهرون بالهجوم على عدد من المحال التجارية في بازار جوادار. و احبطت الشرطة محاولة لإشعال .

و منع قوات الأمن من دخول المتظاهرين وأعمال الشغب الى ميناء جوادر. و في منطقة هب أصيب خمسة اشخاص بجروح في هجوم بقنبلة يدوية بالقرب من مسجد.

واعتقلت الشرطة أكثر من ثلاثة عشر من العاملين منظمة طلبة البلوش ( BSO) ، والأحزاب السياسية أثناء المظاهرات.

وقال زعماء BSO إن قوات الأمن قد هاجمت النساء بالهراوات لوقف تقدمهم .

و أصيبت المناضلة البلوشية شكر بيبي و التي كانت تقود االمظاهرات النسائية . وبدأت قوات الأمن و مكافحة الشغب بدوريات في مناطق كويتا بالليل .

تم دفن الشهيد غلام محمد و شير محمد في منطقتهم مند ، و دفن الشهيد لالا منير في قرية تشيتكان Chitkan بالقرب من بنجكَور ، و حضر تشييع جنازاتهم الالاف من الاشخاص .

و تم تسليم الجثث الى ذويهم بعد الاجراءات القانونية. وفقا لمصادر أن الجثث تحمل اثار تعذيب وطلقات رصاص.